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  • This page contains resources that I have used that I recommend for your business or website. I have multiple recommendations in some categories in order to give you options to fit multiple budgets. There are a few that I have not used but that have been recommended to me by people I trust completely. I’ll tell you which ones those are where I list them.
  • Please note that many of the links are affiliate or referral links. What this means is that the business gives me some sort of reward for recommending them if you purchase or sign up using my link. This doesn’t affect your costs, if any. Those will be marked with an * (asterisk). If you prefer not to purchase through my link, no worries! Just do a Google search for the name of the product or service. If it’s a plugin or theme and I mention it’s freemium, you can find the free version in your WordPress Add Theme/Plugin areas.
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Jennifer Weiner's Recommendations for website hosting

Website Hosting

I have 5 Recommendations for Hosting!

    1. 1. WP Engine* I am a proud partner with WPEngine. I also host this site with them. They are WordPress only, offer you a CDN, 35 Studio press premium themes, and SSL with your hosting. You also get a domain name with your annual payment. It’s an amazing offer that’s well worth the price. Trust me, I’m frugal as hell.
    2. 2. GoDaddy– I do not recommend the low tier managed WordPress hosting. The shared hosting works well. And the customer service is excellent. I am a GoDaddy Pro, which is why I can pass on a 30% discount
    3. 3. NameCheap* I had a site hosted with them for a couple of years. Never had any problems and the customer service was good.
    4. 4. BlueHost*  This is one I haven’t used personally  but I have clients who have, and they’ve been satisfied

WordPress Themes

Just 3 recommendations here

  • 1. Studio Press* – A buy once and use forever theme site. You can buy an all in one package on single themes. They give returning buys a discount as well. These are the 35 themes included with WP Engine. IF you purchase the themes, you have license to use them on an unlimited number of sites, which is pretty unique.
  • 2. Elegant Themes* An annual, moderately priced subscription gets you access to all there themes. The themes are beautiful and easy to used. They are also the makers of the DIVI builder.
  • 3. Thrive Themes* I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of these products on a client’s site. Super easy to use and looks great!
Jennifer Weiner's Recommedations for WordPress Themes
Jennifer Weiner's Recommendations For WordPress Plugins

WordPress PlugIns

There are four recommendations here, for now. I’ll be adding more over time!

  • 1. SeedProd Coming Soon*– A freemium plugin that is great for when you are first building your site, doing a major revision, or have a major blooper to fix. I use it for every site I do for myself and clients.
  • 2. Raffle Press*– From the same people who brought use the coming soon page, we have a contest plugin. This is also freemium so you can try before you buy.
  • 3. Elementor*– The page builder I prefer. Super simple to full customize your whole site or just some pages.  Also Freemium.
  • 4. OptinMonster*. Awesome for increasing opt-ins for your email marketing. Freemium Too!

Email Marketing

I have four services here. Mailchimp is not listed because it is against their TOS to have direct affilate links in an email. Makes doing any affilate marketing too much of a pain in the ass, in my opinion. 

I have used all of these. They all have good customer service when I needed it. The main differences are the interfaces and pricing. I’ll have reviews up as soon as I can. There are plenty already out there if you want to Google them. All have a free trial or free plan so you can try before you buy.

Jennifer Weiner's Recommendations for Email Marketing Platforms
Jennifer Weiner's Recommendations for Various Business Tools

Other Biz Tools and Services

Other assorted tools I use in my Biz.

  • 1. Acuity Scheduling*. Stop the email back and forth. Pick when you are available, set how long your service lasts. Send a link and your client picks a time that works for them. Simple.
  • 2. SquareUp*. Scheduling, Payment Processing, Store front, Payroll, And more. Some of the services have monthly fees but a lot of your basic ones don’t.
  • 3. Canva. Beautiful graphics made super easy. And the Pro options is well worth the cost. Tons of extra photos, fonts and elements. Save your brand colors and fonts. Organize with folders. And the magic resize feature saves so much time!
  • 4. Trello*. Project management. Shareable boards for collaboration. Lists for anything. I have a board for every client project. I have one for managing my blog, one for other biz stuff, one for brain dumps, one for keeping important links and blurbs that I use often, and one to keep up with leads. I’m sure I’ll think of more to add as the biz grows and changes!
  • 5. Tailwind*. Schedule and analyse your Pinterest and Instagram feeds. There’s tribes for Pinterest to help you grow your repins. It’s a pretty awesome service. It also has a hashtag finder, you can can save lists of hashtags, share to Facebook from your Instagram posts (but you have to add a Facebook description, no auto add of that). Check out a free trial. I know you’ll love it.
  • 6. The Ivory Mix*. This lady has amazing stock photos. There’s a free library you can check out for the cost of an email address. You’ll also get some eBooks and video trainings. Her paid trainings and stock photo service must be out of this world from what is in the free area! Go check her out. I know you won’t regret it.
  • 7. Slack. My communication program of choice with my clients. It has a desktop client, a mobile app, and can be used via browser. The history is searchable, you can send files (I don’t use it for project files though), you can star things to bookmark them for later. It’s awesome.. And it has a do not disturb feature that you can set to stop in a certain number of hours or a day, etc. Once you start using this with clients you won’t want to use anything else.